Newcastle Business Club Annual Awards


This award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution toward the commonweal of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Whether that is through the improvement of industry, culture, education, sport or the overall well being of the citizens of Newcastle. Individuals are permitted to nominate themselves.

Nominations close at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 9 August 2022.
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The awards events will be at our Luncheon, Tuesday, 6th September, 2022

Award Nomination - NBC - Individual

About the Annual Awards

In 1975 Newcastle Business Club recognised that there were many organisations and individuals that were making significant contributions to the wellbeing or the commonweal of this city.

That year, under the Presidency of David Le Marchant, and with the assistance of John McNaughton and the late Cliff McDonald the Club created an annual award to present to a business, organisation or an individual who had made a significant contribution toward the improvement of industry, culture, education, sport or the wellbeing or commonweal of the citizens of the city of Newcastle.

In the same year, the Newcastle Region Art Gallery project was underway and the Club decided to make a presentation to the Gallery of a major work of art titled “The Summerhouse” by Hilda Rix-Nicholas.

The painting remains an integral part of the Club’s award process. Each year the award recipient is provided with a framed award, which includes a miniature copy of the Rix-Nicholas Summer House painting. The painting symbolises a commitment by this Club and its members to the people of this region and importantly helps us to keep a strong tradition of recognising those who have contributed to the commonweal of the city.

In 2001, under the Presidency of Gordon Blair, the Club’s Committee took the decision to present two awards. It was decided then that selecting just one annual award winner was no longer relevant – given that many of the nominations were both individuals and organisations of outstanding quality. Accordingly, the Committee decided to recognise an individual who has made a great contribution to the City.

In 2012, under the Presidency of Daniel Quinn and with the assistance of Greg Valentine, the Club has created a third award, designed to recognise, support and encourage a young business person, who is an active participant in the wider business community of Newcastle.

In 2018, under the Presidency of Holly Martin, the Club has collaborated with The Equal Futures Project to also deliver the Hunter Diversity Awards.



E.Hilda Rix-Nicholas |1884 – 1961

The painting shown in this photograph measures 81.3 cm by 89.1 cm and was painted on a property in the Monara District in about 1931.

The original painting was purchased in 1976 by the Newcastle Business Club and presented to Newcastle Region Art Gallery for the benefit of the people of the region.

It is a lasting gift to mark the inauguration of the Annual Award to an individual and/or organisation from the region who (or which) has made a major contribution to the commonweal of the city.