Monthly Luncheons & Guest Speakers

September 2017 Luncheon | Daniel Hayes

Harbourview Function Centre
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 –
12:00pm to 1:30pm

With thanks to our luncheon sponsor – Newcastle Buyers Agent

Monthly Luncheon | Daniel Hayes

We are pleased to present Daniel Hayes, Managing Director – Hayeswinckle

Daniel Hayes has tackled the fast-paced world of real estate and has risen to be the Number 1 Sales Performer in Victoria. He is living proof that being successful has nothing to do with your level of education, how tall you are or what car you drive. If you’re determined enough, you’ll make it.

At our September Luncheon, Daniel will share with you his secrets to success and the advice he has received that has led him to the hugely successful career he has had. He will share the key steps involved in transitioning from a sales person to a business person and the importance of working on your business, rather than in it, to be successful.

Daniel is known for ‘bringing the house down’ with his entertaining, funny and authentic speaking style.

About Daniel Hayes:

31 years old and with a young family to support, Daniel Hayes had to succeed in real estate; failure was not an option.

Tenacious and with a genuine authenticity, he climbed by himself to the top of the real estate industry in Victoria in only a 12 month period.

He was crowned the “Number 1 Salesperson” for “Listings SOLD” for one of Victoria’s largest franchise networks, selling 80 of his own self-generated listings. He had never worked in sales anywhere before.

Now Managing Director of his four Hayeswinckle AGENT offices and a sought-after, national speaker inspiring others through his story, Daniel is living proof that you can achieve your goals if you’re determined enough.



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